Market bags in block
  • Market bags in block
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Compostable bags for fruits in block 30x40cm


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Compostable section bags for fruits in block 30x40cm x 300 pcs

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Market bags in block 30x40cm, straight without folds with generic printing in green and brown "Bio Compostable", measures 30x40+3cm, gauge 50 (12.5 microns), 100% biodegradable and compostable with OK Industrial Compost TÜV Austria certificate. 2.5 to 3 kg of resistance. Complies with European regulation EN 13432. Compostable bags for food, essential in market stalls for fruits, vegetables, fish and bulk foods.

These biodegradable block bags are of the standard size, commonly used in supermarkets and food stores as bags for fruits and vegetables. They are ecological, since they are made with natural polymers from vegetable starches. In addition, they degrade within 6-9 months in an industrial composting plant when subjected to suitable temperature and humidity conditions, turning into biomass together with the rest of the organic waste without leaving toxic residues on the ground.

If you need to buy wholesale biodegradable bags for your business, we have the measures you need. If this is not the case and you need a specific size that specifically fits your product, we can also offer you personalized ecological bags of the size you want (as long as it is biguer than 15x25cm) and the gauge you need (from 50 to 200), and with a minimum order of 100kg. In this way you can reinforce your company identity by giving your customers bags with your logo.

Take advantage of the discounts we make for big quantities and get the best price!

Presented in heat-sealed packages of compostable material of 300 units.

Do not throw into nature, dispose together with organic waste.


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