Compostable bags on roll
  • Compostable bags on roll
  • Roll market bags 30x40cm

Compostable bags for fruits in roll 30x40cm


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Compostable section bags for fruits in roll 30x40cm x 500 pcs

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Self-service greengrocer bags on roll, measures 30x40cm, gauge 56 (14 microns), fully compostable with OK Compost Home certificate from Din Certco. Roll of compostable bags for fruits, vegetables, herbs or bulk products, straight without folds, generic green printing. They resist up to 2.5kg. These market bags on roll are completely ecological, they are made with tapioca (cassava) starch and are suitable for organic waste and home composting. Practical, resistant and respectful with the environment.

If you need wholesale biodegradable bags, here you will find what you are looking for. Compostable bags are increasingly used in greengrocers, markets, bulk stores, organic supermarkets, butchers, fishmongers and candy stores. With an attractive and natural generic design, the bags of compostable material are also very useful for small bins of household organic waste, so they can be disposed of at home directly in the Compost, or in the brown bin.

And why buy biodegradable bags instead of the usual plastic ones? Because bio compostable bags take 3 to 6 months to completely degrade without leaving any trace of toxic residue in the environment. A compostable bag breaks down like the rest of the organic waste, forming humus, an excellent nutrient-enriched soil for use in plantations and gardening.

Buying wholesale bags for your store will no longer be a problem. We can be your supplier of compostable bags and advise you on what you need. We can also offer you personalized market bags if you prefer. Ask us for information.

Presented in a roll of 500 units.

Do not throw into nature, dispose together with organic waste.


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Milky natural
Tapioca starch

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