Compostable die bag 40x45cm


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Compostable die bag natural colour with green print 40x45cm x 100 pcs

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Biodegradable bags for clothing stores, accessories, gifts, etc., bags with die-cut handles in natural color with green leaf print, measures 40cm wide x 45cm total height, 190 gauge (47.5 microns), 100% biodegradable and compostable with Ok Industrial Compost certificate from TÜV Austria. In accordance with the new European regulations that prohibit the use of plastic bags from January 2021:

This die-cut bag with generic printing resists up to 4kg, making it perfect for all kinds of textile products and gifts that weigh less than that. If you are looking for elegant and original compostable material bags, these bags are for you. We have two models of biodegradable die-cut bags that may interest you, with different designs and different sizes. We can also offer you the option of buying personalized biodegradable bags if what you need are wholesale compostable bags. Ask us, we will inform you about the minimum purchase in each case and we will give you the price and conditions.

Why a biodegradable bag and not a plastic one? The biodegradable bags that we work with do not contain EPI or additives that artificially accelerate the decomposition of plastic, but rather are 100% compostable bags, so their decomposition takes place naturally in contact with other organic waste in a composting plant, leaving no toxic residue on the ground. Also, they are reusable.

You already know where to buy compostable bags for your store. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

Presented in heat-sealed packages of compostable material of 100 units.

Do not throw into nature, dispose together with organic waste.


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