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About us is an entrepreneurship that is born, on the one hand, from the concern and the growing need to become aware of the care of the environment, and on the other hand, from the concern for waste generated daily by large companies, as well as by particular at the domestic level. In this way, we begin our project by committing ourselves to the maximum reduction of plastics in all areas, looking only certified compostable products made only with natural materials that allow their decomposition in an accelerated way and do not leave polluting elements in the soil or water.
At we provide ecological alternatives to those products of limited use or single use, which currently represent a large proportion of the garbage we generate, but we believe that the change begins by modifying consumer habits always thinking about the environmental impact of every product that we acquired before buying it. Remember that a compostable product is completely disintegrated in industrial composting plants under optimal conditions of temperature and environment, so we must throw it along with our organic waste. If we throw it into nature, it will take much longer to deteriorate and the intention to take care of the environment will stay in that ..., an intention. In addition, each product can be used several times before disposal, so we recommend reusing every product as many times as possible before disposing of it, whether compostable or not.
In our company we always look for the most sustainable way of carrying out our activity, without losing sight of the functionality and quality of our products. We will try to be always updated in terms of ecological solutions for different needs of the company and at home.
At we want to help you reduce the environmental impact that you generate. What do you say, are you in?