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Shipping Conditions

At we think about your comfort. For this reason we provide you two shipping options. The delivery time and shipping cost will be calculated automatically when making your purchase depending on the weight and volume of your order, and the area in which it must be delivered. Orders over € 300 net, will be sent free of charge.
Orders received until 12: 00 PM will be prepared for shipment the same day of receipt. Orders received after 12: 00 PM will be prepared and shipped the next business day. If you make the payment by bank transfer, the order will be sent the day we receive the payment in our account. In the event that the delivery day coincides with a holiday, the order will be delivered the next business day.
We try to have the stock of our products updated all the time. However, if there were any inconvenience when making your purchase or if a product is not available, we promise to contact you as soon as possible by phone or email to inform you of the inconvenience and agree on the new delivery time, replacement of the product by another or the refund of the amount of the missing item.

Important facts:

-          The transport company does not usually contact the customer before delivery. However, it is very important that you provide your telephone number in case there is an incident and we have to contact you to notify and coordinate a new delivery.

-          Remember to provide the complete address to expedite the delivery time. In case of providing an incomplete or ambiguous address, we will contact you to confirm the missing information.

-           In case an order cannot be delivered in 3 days due to the absence of the recipient and it is not possible to contact him to coordinate a new delivery, the order will be returned to our warehouse and the customer should contact us to request a new shipment and pay the corresponding expenses, or make a new purchase.

-          If there is an impediment of force majeure that makes delivery impossible within the agreed period, such as floods, road cuts, fires and other types of natural disasters, we will notify you as soon as we are aware of it.