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Compostable Die-Cut Handle Bags - Todoeko

Die handle bags

If you have an accessory, clothing, gift shop or are simply looking for more elegant wholesale compostable bags than the classic t-shirt bags, then biodegradable bags with die-cut handles are for you. As well as being sturdy and having an attractive generic design, they are 100% compostable bags and can be reused multiple times before being disposed of with organic waste.

Offering a biodegradable bag to your customers will always add value to your business, as it will show them that you are respectful of the environment and that you care about the impact that your commercial activity can generate on nature. However, there are certain businesses in which the image is very important, so it is not enough to have biodegradable bags, but they must also be pretty. For this reason, die-cut handle bags are an excellent option for those products that require a little more attention to their packaging.

Do you prefer personalized bags? No problem, we can also offer you fully compostable die-cut handle bags with your logo or the design that you like the most. Ask us for the minimum order and conditions, we will send you a budget without commitment.

You already know, buying compostable bags is easier at Todoeko.

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