Biodegradable and compostable bags made of starch.

Compostable Bags

Our biodegradable and compostable bags are made from vegetable starches and are adapted to the new European regulation that prohibits the use of plastic bags from January 2021: /05/18/293. They are resistant and are certified Ok Compost by Vincotte. You can choose one of our generic models available in stock.

Do you want to personalize your bags? We are also at your disposal to offer you biodegradable T-shirt bags, die-cut handles bags or bags in block with your logo, in different gauges and sizes. Consult for budget.

If you are wondering why choose a biodegradable bag over one that is not, the answer is simple: because they are environmentally friendly. A biodegradable bag or a compostable bag degrades in much less time than a conventional plastic bag. The manufacture of biodegradable bags carries its certification, which will depend on the material from which they are made: Ok Compost Industrial, OK Compost Home, if they are compostable bags, and Oxobiodegradable bags, which contain EPI, a chemical compound that facilitates the rapid degradation of the plastic. At Todoeko we only work with 100% compostable bags, without plastic or EPI, since we consider that the rapid degradation of biodegradable bags only represents an advantage if, in addition, they do not leave polluting residues in the soil or water.

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