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Biosdegradable Tableware And Containers - Todoeko

Compostable Tableware

If you are looking for biodegradable disposable tableware, this is your solution! We have compostable containers for all types of food, sugarcane plates and containers, cornstarch cutlery, wooden cutlery, paper cups, PLA Deli containers and lids, bamboo skewers, wooden stirrers. Perfect for restaurants, catering and events.

Do you have a restaurant and do you serve takeaway? We can offer you kraft containers with window or without window with anti-grease inner laminate, oven and microwave safe sugar cane containers, transparent PLA Deli containers with lids and PLA containers with hinged lids for cold meals and salads, kraft soup containers and sauceboats for those dressings that improve your meals.

If your business is a bar or bakery, we have many products that adapt to your needs: paper cups of different sizes and designs, PLA smoothie cups, cardboard trays for those sweets that your customers will not want to miss, paper bags for bread and pastries.

And if events are your thing... you will also find ecological disposable tableware for catering services, such as sugar cane plates for outdoor meals, bamboo skewers for irresistible snacks, special wooden boats for tapas and wooden or corn starch cutlery.

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