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Garbage bags

Biodegradable garbage bags have become an alternative to traditional plastic bags because they are sustainable and help take care of the planet. They are characterized by being made with materials that decompose in a short period of time, such as vegetable starches and starches. The waste bags that we work with are 100% compostable, so that, in the right conditions of oxygen, humidity and temperature, they degrade together with other organic waste, generating humus, a natural fertilizer.

If you are looking for a supplier of bags made of compostable material, we can offer you different types of compostable bags that will be very useful for you to develop your commercial activity. For example, biodegradable garbage bags of 10 and 50 liters.

The compostable bags for 10 liter bin are perfect for small bins like organic waste bags. They are also often used in the bins in the rooms in hotels and lodgings, in offices and classrooms. They are resistant, practical and respectful with the environment.

The 50 liter biodegradable garbage bags can be used to collect both food and kitchen waste in round or square bins.

The ecological garbage bags in this section comply with the European standard EN 13432 and are certified by the manufacturer as OK Compost Industrial by TÜV Austria. Buying biodegradable garbage bags has never been so easy!

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