The demand for biodegradable disposable tableware is on the rise thanks to the awareness of caring for the environment in any commercial activity. In this section you will find cardboard bakery trays of different sizes, made with 100% fresh fiber, excellent for all kinds of sweets and savory snacks. The fresh fiber comes from special tree plantations, thus respecting the native production of the forests. This raw material does not contain any additive that pollutes the inks as recycled cardboard does.

White cardboard trays are the most used in bakeries and pastry shops, they are classic and their edge gives them an elegant touch and an excellent presentation.

Brown cardboard trays are perfect for giving food a more rustic and natural touch, which is why they are often used more in catering services for canapés, tasting bites or sweets in individual portions.

Our cardboard trays are FSC certified and, being made with 100% fresh fiber without the addition of recycled materials, they are biodegradable and compostable trays suitable for food use.

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