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Paper straws

Our paper straws are made with raw materials from sustainable and FSC certified forests. They are ecological, biodegradable and recyclable, so they must be disposed of together with the paper. They have a resistance in cold drinks of up to 3 hours without losing their properties. Paper straws are a perfect replacement for conventional plastic straws and are already present in our hotel industry.

If you have a bar or a nightclub, black paper straws are excellent for all types of cocktails. We have two sizes, choose the one that best fits your drinks. If you have a coffe shop or a restaurant, we have paper straws in assorted colors where you can choose the one you like best. For a natural juice shop or outdoor events we recommend our beige bamboo or green bamboo paper straws. And if you organize parties, we can offer you gold and silver straws perfect to give a touch of distinction.

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