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Paper bags

In this section you will find the wholesale paper bags you were looking for. We have paper bags for shops of different sizes, paper bags for clothing stores, paper bags for bread, bakery products and pastries, and wide-bottomed takeaway paper bags. You can choose between paper bags without handles, with a gusset or American bottom, with a flat paper handle or a curly handle.

Paper bags with handles will be perfect for you if you have a clothing or accessories store, a gift shop or delicatessen, a fast food restaurant and takeaway. In any case, they will give your product a careful presentation, your business an added value, and your company image the distinction that comes with using sustainable supplies, since they are biodegradable bags, completely recyclable, reusable, resistant and practical.

Paper bakery bags are what you are looking for if you sell bread, pastries, sweets or bulk products. We have white bags without handles, paper bags without printing and generic paper bags with drawings, in a wide variety of measurements and sizes, so you can get the type of bag that best suits your activity.

And if what you want is wholesale personalized paper bags, do not hesitate to send us information about the size, color, printing and type of handle. We will send you price and conditions without any commitment.

Switch to kraft paper bags, your customers and the environment will thank you.

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