Section bags

Do you have a greengrocer, food store or bulk products store and need to buy wholesale biodegradable bags? We have the bags of compostable material that you need. You can choose between various measures of generic bags, for industrial composting or home composting, block market bags, or compostable bags on roll.

In addition, if you need a large quantity, we can give you a quote for customized section bags with your logo, in the measurements and gauge you need, in block or flat.

Our compostable bags for greengrocers are made with natural polymers made with starches and vegetable starches. Its degradation process is much faster than that of plastic bags, since it takes 3 to 6 months in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity (in an industrial composting plant, for example). Remember that a compostable bag should not be thrown into nature, because it needs certain factors to degrade, such as contact with other organic waste, humidity and heat.

You already know, if you need wholesale biodegradable bags, look for them here.

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