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Food containers

It could be said that recently we have entered a stage of changing customs regarding caring for the environment and making the rest of the population aware of new biodegradable and compostable materials (Difference) in order to make useful and intelligent use of them.

In our online store you can find wholesale disposable biodegradable containers for any activity you carry out, from hotels and restaurants, to events and catering, of different sizes and manufactured with different ecological materials, such as sugar cane containers, transparent PLA deli containers with lid, PLA tupperware with hinged lid, pizza boxes, kraft boxes with window, kraft containers, kraft soup containers, sugar cane, PLA and kraft sauceboats and cakes boxes.

If you are looking for a supplier of biodegradable packaging, at Todoeko you will find what you need. In addition to the discounts that we apply on the web, you can consult us for biodegradable disposable containers in large quantities, such as pallets or several boxes of the same product.We will pass you the most irresistible price!

You already know where to buy biodegradable food containers for your business, they will give added value to your meals for their presentation and for being ecological containers. Do not hesitate, be eko!

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